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Stephen Graddick IV, founder of Graddick Brands, LLC was an entrepreneur from the early age of 12, when he operated a highly successful school candy-selling business. At age 18, he fell in love with the art of marketing and started a brand management firm where he managed local entertainment talent and small businesses. Today Graddick is the highly successful social entrepreneur, journalist, television host and speaker.

Born in Charlotte, North Carolina and the youngest of four, Stephen realized his articulate story telling potential early on in life.

Soon his involvement within the community spurred him to become the primary communications lead in the Charlotte area. Leveraging his degree in communications and arts from Johnson C. Smith University. 

Graddick is most known for his work as the host of Toyota Green Initiative Tour as a sustainability consultant and speaker. Appearing on Bounce TV, Fox News Rising, Good Day Charlotte, Talk of Alabama, Al Jazeera America, Rolling Out Magazine, Beautifully Said Magazine and Black Press USA.

While serving his community as an environmental justice advocate, he focuses his efforts in engaging minority communities in conversations that educate the benefits of a holistically sustainable lifestyle. He does this by inspiring community center entrepreneurship and social engagement.

Graddick has thriving passion for social entrepreneurship. Over the course of the past 5 years he has started along with helped develop dozens of sustainable start-up companies around the country. His ultimate mission is to motivate others to discover their God given purpose.

American Soil – This is the premier network to capture the true unrivaled potential of individuals lives. This has become his platform to share the stories that make you feel who you are listening to.

Onward and Upward, Stephen Graddick IV will continue to leverage his platform to share the stories often untold. 


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